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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #407

Thanks for all the feedback.   I know that working to solve problems gets
you a lot further than just standing around and bitching about them.

At 03:48 AM 7/25/98 -0400,  Beverly Erlebacher wrote: 
>The big problem is that while aquatic plants are very high in protein
>on a dry weight basis, they are very low in dry weight.  It's uneconomic
>to haul them to the animals, but if you don't do the feeding well away
>from the body of water, the nutrients get washed back in from the manure,
>which may or may not be the opposite of what you want.

I am suggesting hog pens on the banks for the waterway.  Some waste may
wash back in, true, but nitrogen removed in the way of ham will be removed

>  It's also very
>labor- and/or energy-intensive to get the plants out of the water.

I would think appropriate technology (poled flat-bottom boats with large
attached drifts of plant material, manned by CCC-type folks who would
otherwise be unemployed) could get the plants to the hogs pretty easily.

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