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Re: Anubias gigantea

Hoa Nguyen asked...

>I picked up a speciment of Anubias gigantea yesterday from a LFS.  It looks
>very nice but I don't have any detailed info on this species.  Can anyone
>share any information, such as how to plant this (tie it to driftwood like
>the A. nana?), it's light requirements, etc.?

Compared to A. bartieri var. nana I find that it requires and prefers
more light, has a denser root mass, takes longer to establish and grows
more slowly. I grow it hydroponically, or submersed in coarse gravel.
As with dwarf anubias one can bury the roots but not the rhizome. Older
leaves seem to suffer perhaps due to a nutrient deficiency I have yet
to discover. It does do quite well in bright light.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca