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Lily bulb

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share something that seems quite amazing. About 2 years ago a
friend gave me a couple of aquatic lily bulbs, some kind Nymphea or other,
because he didn't want them. I only had room for one so I carefully put the
other one in a small plastic bag with some damp moss in my aquarium
cabinet. Of course, I forgot all about it. When I found it again it was all
dry and I was going to throw it away but I just couldn't so I put it back
in the cabinet after wetting it again. I forgot all about it again. By the
time I came across it again it was again bone dry. I felt bad but just left
it there..not sure why...hate to throw anything away maybe? Well, last
week, at least a year after I last looked at it, I was cleaning out my
cabinet of unnecessary stuff and... that bone dry ignored lily bulb had a
couple of shoots on it! I couldn't believe it. I immediately put it in the
tank and now there are *two* plants with about 4 leaves each and one is
sending up a floater. Looking in my book, I can't find a photo of it. It is
all green with very arrow like leaves. Has anyone else had a lily bulb live
so long under such dry conditions? Whatever species this is I'd hazard a
guess that it comes from a place with long dry spells. 

in Vancouver