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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #403

At 03:48 AM 7/23/98 -0400, David Webb wrote:
>Or, what if the outlet were shaded thoroughly so that in the
>area where plants are known to overwinter, no plants will be able to grow?
>The shade solution wouldn't deal with the possibility of non-photosynthetic
>species that may persist under an artificially warm microenvironment, but
>might be a cheap way to get rid of Cabomba or Anacharis if they have a hard
>time with cold water (I haven't experimented).
>Just a thought, and probably not particularly on topic, but I thought it
>was interesting.

David, I strongly disagree.  Very much on topic.  

First, we have a vested interested in controlling exotics (saving our
plants from adverse legislation). 

And second, who knows better than we how to kill plants!??!??

I would hope those doing plant control might ask us for help in controlling
exotics.   One thing I could suggest is that plants that are desired to
reduce or eliminate and which are suitable for fodder might be harvested
and fed to food animals nearby to reduce the nutrients in the water to a
more natural level.

Let's offer our knowledge to help REALLY solve the problem instead of
wringing our hands and criticizing legislators.   Whaddya all think?

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