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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #403

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<< Subject: film for aquaria
 I have been trying with little success to photograph my aquaria.  One of
 the problems is that the pictures come out too yellow-green.  I've been
 using Fuji ASA 400 or 200 film.
 Is there a choice that's better for color balance of aquaria?  I use the
 existing lighting:  3 Corallife Trichromatics plus 1 "pink" light=Corallife
 Roxanne Bittman >>

<<Are you not employing some other light source, i.e. flash as well? You
should. Many stock aquarium photography types use lower ASAs (50, 64, 100). If
you're hooked on Fuji, their Provia is a better approx. 5,500K balanced film.
You may want to try a roll or two of their Velvia (man, that makes me hungry
for a cheese sammie), though it is more "color rich" than reality, and over
emphasizes both warm and cool spectra.
Bob Fenner>>