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Re: Excess CO2/algae problem?

>Alysoun McLaughlin wrote:
>>For the past few weeks, two subjects on this digest have caused me to
>>tilt my head and wonder.  I suspect that they may be related...
>>1)  CO2 is clearly a necessary additive for Amano-style, luxurious
>>"Dutch" planted aquariums.  Such incredible results can't be achieved
>>without it.  
I'm having experience with an Amano-style little tank, and for now I can
say that it's very hard!
It's a typical japanese 55 liters (net) tank (about 14.5 gallons) with a 80
watts of light. So it has about 7W per gallon of light. At this high light,
CO2 is a must of course. But neither CO2 nor light is the reason for an
algae problem: the problem is the nutrients balance into the column water,
NO OTHER reason. You can set up an aquarium tank with virtually ANY KIND of
LIGHT and still you won't have algae.
Anyway this type of tanks are difficult because everything is pushed to the
limit: low TH, low GH, lot of CO2 and light, very low nutrients
availability into the water ... so the chance that some imbalance can arise
is very likely even for some hours (!!!) of the day.

In this case the nutrientes balance is made more difficult for me because I
don't really know what is inside Amano fertilizers (the chemical
breakdown). In the past tanks I've used a PMDD modified recipe but in this
case it's been kind of challenge to know and learn to use Amano
fertilizers, which - I believe - are quite different from any other
commercial product.
If anyone has experience with this type of tanks and with Amano products,
I'd like to share his/her impressions with mine.

Luca Specchio