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Roger Miller wrote :

>Probably this just means that your water is strongly buffered.  If 
>you're getting biogenic decalcification, then you will see the pH rise 
>(possibly over 9) under bright light and fall at night.  It wouldn't be 

.. its not that .. i said 7.6 ph because i have a permanent ph test in
my tank and 7.6 is as far as it can go .. although the color of the dye
is much darker than in the color chart .. (sorry for this i intend to
get a dedicated ph kit as soon as finances permit) .. ph is better now
i did increase my CO2 flow by using 3 bot of diy yeast .. no ph is
much better and constant at about 6.8 ... can you comment on this ..
do you still think i have high buffering capacity or something else ..