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Large tank advice (off topic?)

We are thinking of selling and building a new house. Tonight as we
worked on house plans we talked about where the tanks were going to go
etc. Well to solve one problem we started talking about putting a
120-180 gallon with a nice stand as a room divider. The more we talked
and sketched we started thinking about a custom built 8 foot long
tank. Probably 18 inches wide and not sure on the height.

Naturally this will take a LOT of planning. Lighting being a big
concern! My first thought was MH pendants. But we ruled this out
because of the look we want. So if I were to use MH in a custom built
hood would they not need cooling fans? I don't want to have to listen
to noisy fans. With a tank this long I would think that you are
talking several lamps and a lot of heat.

We don't want the tank any taller than about 5 1/2 feet. So I am
thinking fluorescent tubes now. Probably 2 sets of 4 footers. Are
there any good 8 footers available? Humm just thought about trying to
change an 8 foot bulb! Makes 4's look a lot better!

As for filtering is there a draw back with Wet/dry? It would seem to
loose CO2 as it ran into the sump. Since 3 sides of the tank would be
open in order to hide the filters wet/dry seem like the best option
using overflow box(es).

Anyone with any suggestion or things to look out for would be most
welcome! I can just see this now! 8 foot of planted tank and a school
of about 100 Neon Tetras! I can also see it taking 6 hours just to
scrape the glass of algae too! :-)

If this is off topic please sent to me off list kudzu at airnet_net

Jeff <*\\><
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from him." Mark 4:24,25
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