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RE: Anubias gigantea

Here is what little I know about this plant
Light:  Medium to low light
Temp:  22-28 deg c
Like soft acid water
Happy with a clay substrate with sand on top (or peat, which would make a 
soft acidic water, and add humic acid.)
I hope no-one thinks of this as advertising, but I recently helped put up 
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and here is the one with that species-
I personally scanned the pics, and we have put over 220 pictures of aquatic 
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By the way, I am not affiliated with [Redacted], I just helped get the 
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Subject: Anubias gigantea


I picked up a speciment of Anubias gigantea yesterday from a LFS.  It looks
very nice but I don't have any detailed info on this species.  Can anyone
share any information, such as how to plant this (tie it to driftwood like
the A. nana?), it's light requirements, etc.?