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Re: water movement

>>> From: Cliff Lundberg <cliff at noevalley_com>:
>> From: "Nick Miller" <millern at wave_co.nz>
>> http://www.noord.bart.nl/~crypts/index.html
>This page on crypts often mentions "swiftly flowing"
>water as the natural habitat. How much water movement
>is good in a planted tank?
Besides the usual "it depends", the best answer I've read
on this list has been: enough to break the Prandtl barrier.  

The non-technical version: enough to make your leaves wave,
but not so much as to disturb the water surface and drive 
CO2 out.

Longer and more specific answers are in the archives.  

Carlos E. Munoz 
<cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com>