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Mare's (Horse) Tail?

 "Chad E. Husby" wrote:
>Subject: Seeking Mare's Tail (Hippurus vulgaris)

>        I am very interested in obtaining the interesting aquatic plant
>known as Mare's Tail (Hippurus vulgaris). I have seen this plant pictured
>in several books, but I have not been able to locate it.  It has both
>submerged and emergent growth.  The submerged stems have leaves that are
>long and flowing like a horse's tail, whereas the emergent stems looks like
>miniature pine trees and has stiffer leaves in symmetrical whorls.

This sounds like what is called "Horse Tail" around here. It is rough
textured and has a stem kind of bamboo-looking with thin (needle like)
leaves coming out around the stem at regular intervals. I love it but most
people hate it and treat it like a weed. It is hard to eradicate. It is
very ancient and has survived for millions of years. I've never seen it
growing under water but it does grow where it is wet and seems to like
shade better than full sun. Anyone know if this is the plant Chad means? If
it is...you can visit Vancouver, Chad, and take home a few truckloads.

in Vancouver