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More on plant-only tanks...

In a lightly planted, community 10g tank are my 2 otos keeping algae
at bay. No argument there. In a 20g "plant-only" tank are a few
snails. Can't I.D. them just yet for they're too small. 2-3mm. Last
week in there was a white worm bloom. All this was gone when the food
source was used up. This week added is a GE Sunshine full spectrum 20W
bulb. Algae drops somewhat on substrate.

BTW, w/ or w/o otos you still _have_ to prune and trim plants and
change water weekly, and scraping algae off the glasses sometimes.

Sure will add a school of otos et al. Just not now.

Thank you.

Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 16:16:22 -0700
From: sae at arts_ubc.ca (Olga Betts)
Subject: To dechlorine or not

My opion is that to to have a plant only tank with NO algae eating
fish or snails at all is to have algae. I guess it can be done but why
not have a school of otocinclus and a couple of farowellas in there?
I'll bet those photos of lovely "plants only" tanks (assuming that
they really are "plants only" with not a single alage eater in there)
take LOTS of work... like
constantly cleaning glass, pruning,trimming, adjusting and water
changing. Anyone else??

in Vancouver

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