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Acquiring CO2 - 20lb bottle

Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 09:53:57 -0500
From: "Beard, Kelly" <KBeard at comdata_com>
Subject: Acquiring CO2

I've made my first call to a welding supplier for a 20lb CO2 bottle, filled.
He quoted me a price of $150+.  What is a reasonable amount you guys have
paid?  The price means that I would be buying the bottle, not renting or
anything.  Tell me the best way to go on this.

I purchased a re-conditioned 10lb bottle from a local store in Columbus, OH
for 40 dollars.  The bottle had expired on the pressure test so the
original owner sold it to this local dealer.  They had it re-tested and
re-painted so it is quite legal.  I do not know if she does mail-order
stuff but I am sure that with enough persuasion that she may.  The shipping
would be super expensive since the bottle probably weighs 30-40lbs.  I also
purchased some used regulators from her that had worked very well.  I
bought a micro-valve from a local valve company  - I dislike large
corporations very much and would rather support the local business.  My
reaction chamber is identical to the one that George Booth has shown on his
web site.  He utilized a Hagen 201 powerhead turned all the way down and
the exhaust has a gravel wash tube attatched to trap the CO2.

Therefore, 150 dollars is really, really exspensive from my experience.

BTW, let me know if you want me to post the phone number of the local tank
dealer in Columbus, OH.

M. Mason