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Mangroves grow from seeds that look sort of like one of those round
ended fountain pens.  The seeds we grow are about 8" or so long and
about 1/2" in diameter.

To sprout them, get a container that you can fill with about 4" or so of
dirt or sand (they're not real picky), then fill with water so that the
water level is about an inch or so above the substrate.  Stick the
thicker end of the seed into the substrate so that it's about 2" below
the surface of the substrate.  We leave ours outside where they get full
sun for most of the day, and they produce roots and leaves in about a
month.  You could also just stick it in a jar of water and watch the
roots form if you don't want to use dirt.

The ones we have come from the ocean shore but are growing happily in
our freshwater tanks.  We had about 6 in an indoor aquarium for about 4
months with only the light from a nearby window.  They were growing fine
then, but seem to have grown a bit more since we added fluorescent
lights to that tank.

By the way, if anyone is interested in trading some aquatic plants for
mangrove seedlings, let me know.  We'd be glad to send more out.

Wade Shimoda
Honolulu, HI

Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 01:51:36 EDT
From: anggrek at juno_com (Tsuh Yang Chen)
Subject: mangrove

a friend of mine just gave me a cutting of mangrove.  how do i get it to
root?  please advise.

tsuh yang chen, new york city