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To dechlorine or not

 guppyguy wrote:
>Subject: To dechlorine or not for plant-only tanks...
>I find it contradictary to dechlorine tap water for my plant-only tank
>since there's neither fish nor crustaceans. I opted for not yesterday
>and figured there's way more algae on substrate today. Could be too
>much many trace elements in water. What are your opinions on it?

My opion is that to to have a plant only tank with NO algae eating fish or
snails at all is to have algae. I guess it can be done but why not have a
school of otocinclus and a couple of farowellas in there? I'll bet those
photos of lovely "plants only" tanks (assuming that they really are "plants
only" with not a single alage eater in there) take LOTS of work... like
constantly cleaning glass, pruning,trimming, adjusting and water changing.
Anyone else??

in Vancouver