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Large water lily

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>Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 10:48:39 -0500
>From: Virginia Coburn <vcoburn at idcnet_com>
>Reply-To: vcoburn at idcnet_com
>Organization: The Coburn Company, Inc.
>To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
>Subject: Large water lily
>I hope some one in the Aquatic Plants organization can help me.  I live
>on a 120 acre pond in southern Wisconsin.  It is quite weedy and shallow
>and we have always had two typical types of waterlillies which are also
>seen in other ponds around our area.  The small yellow cup-type lily
>which has a dark green elongated leaf sitting above the surface.  The
>other typical one is a white lotus-type with yellow center and round
>floating leaves.  
>Now we have a new waterlily, a really spectacular one, and it is
>flourishing.  It has a floating leaf up to 30" across and a huge white
>yellow-centered flower on a stem 16" above the surface.  the lily has
>occured in a single patch in the middle of the pond in about 2-3 feet of
>water.  What is this?  Is it native?  It could have been brought in from
>anywhere via geese, great blue herons or a boat.  Is this thing
>invasive?  It looks it.
>Thanks to anyone who replies.
>Ginny Coburn
http://www.metronet.com/~cyn  in roastingly hot North Texas

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