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Wet/Dry or Trickle filters


I currently have 2 tanks setup with plants. One is a 55 with 80 watts of
light a W/D filter and a whisper Outside Power Filter. I am running it
in now and so far so good. At present it contains 6 siamensis and 8
Ottos. I am considering removing the Wet/Dry from things I have heard
and read. Any comments ? What type of filter should I use ? I have
several OPF's available. It is planted with loads of Hygro. some small
swords<5>, dwf Sag<10>, a large radican sword and a few crypts. I would
like to add 15-20 cardinal or neon tetras in a month or three, and that
should be it for the fish load. 
And now the 150G tank. It has MH lamps, 2 175W 5500k pendants. A
automatic CO2 system using a Dupla reactor and powered by a Fluval 103.
It also has a Wet/Dry. I can't eliminate it entirely as the tank has
built in overflows. How slow of a flow can I push thru this if I go to
just a sump type setup. I have had an algae problem lately but not that
bad. I am planning on relocating the tank to another wall so I may as
well do all this while it is halfway dissassembled. Any comments on this
? or any ideas ? I am open to any and all suggestions.
I do truly enjoy the list and have gotten alot of vakuable advice so I
would like to say Thanks now.

Gareth Casey