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'Orrible Algae continued

Hello All:

The saga of the algae infested tank continues. The water has now 
gone green, and I have cyanobacteria patches as well. I'll get an 
antibiotic to deal with the cyano. The hair algae is under control 
though. Put in a pair of black mollies on friday. They're 
systematically cleaning the lot, although the male seems to think 
that Eleocharis is an algae, and he keeps on interrupting the 
female's feeding to mate. Talk about single minded! Also introduced 
some Malaysian Trumpet snails and I have a pair of Otoclinius on 
order. Don't mind the green water so much. It adds a sort of 
mysterious appearence to the tank. It also appears to be a little 
more transparent than yesterday. The Ludwigia glandulosa and repens 
are both getting very red, but somehow my Hygro's don't seem to be 

To the two gentlemen who replied, thanks for your advice.


Jacques Gerber
Botany Department
Rhodes University
South Africa

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