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Since using CaCO3 seems like the best source of Ca I have decieded to add
this in the form of chalk dissolved in RO water.

My question is how do I determine the concentration of the Ca in my
solution so I can figure out how much to add to my tank.  If I dissolve X
grams in X milliliters of water what is the concentration in ppm of Ca.
How do I figure this out?

Also what is a good amount of Ca to have in solution in the tank?

Does this need to be dosed daily like the PMDD regime or would weekly or
only at water changes be just as effective?

How fast does Ca get used in a moderately planted aquarium with decent
growth, but no CO2 additions?

Is it possible to have too much Ca in the tank other than resulting in an
increase in the hardness?  When making up water change water should I
subsitute some of the reconstitution salts for the CaCO3?

Hope some of the better chemists can help out.

Thanks in advance

PS. I think that I have low Ca and a defficency in some of my plants.
Showed up after starting a quasi PMDD regime.
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