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Re: proposed anti- plant legislation

I have watched this topic line for some time and must be silent no longer. I
am and have been a resident of Florida all my life, and have, for over 39
years, watched the entire land and aquascape be transformed by the
introduction of exotics and non-indigenous species across the full spectrum of
the biota. We have exotic fish replacing natives at a frightening rate in
South Florida, not to mention plants, including aquatics and animals, incuding
People doing the same.
               This is a REAL problem WE created,          AND........there
are   No         Perfect          Solutions.
This proposed legislation seems to provide at least some solutions in the
short term, but the long term solutions have and always will be up to the
individual, thats YOU and I. Education is the Key. My only real concern with
this proposal is that monies gathered for this purpose be wasted on studies
that have already been done or that the people directly impacted by it will
think government policy is enough and do nothing themselves to exact change
for the better.                     Education is the Key. Time for Action, not

Daryl Roche
Exotic Removal Program
                     Save a Native, Eat an Oscar
          You don't Need Eyes to See, You Need VISION