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Re: Proposed anti-plant legislation

There was an article in last week's (? or the week before that) Science
News about a monster sea plant spreading out in the Mediterranean. It
was introduced accidentally by a marine aquarium in Monaco and has so
far covered a lot of the western Mediterranean. The problem with this
plant  is that it gets caught in nets and propellers and can grow an
entire plant from any little fragment - so you could say that it was
spread mainly by humans... :) (Kind of like a marine bindweed)
Don't misunderstand me, I'm not supporting this piece of legislation;
but I do think that everybody should know what can happen. I also think
that people with plant aquaria are the ones that know best and don't go
around dumping plants into waterways (they are great on compost if you
really need to get rid of them...). 
Hanna Orr