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Re: Proposed anti-plant legislation

Dave wrote:
> Since I have been authorized to post it only in its entirety, here it is
> its entirety:
> Dear Mr. Gomberg:
> 	Thank .... <BIG GIGANTIC SNIP>......projects."   (sheesh, can you tell
that letter was written by a lawyer?)

Translation of the senator's letter to english:

We really don't know what to do about invasive aquatic plants this but we
don't want to tick off 140,000 people who are responsible for the problem
and may vote against us.  We will completely ignore the fact that many
species of plants and animals we consider 'native' were not here several
hundred years ago, and many other natives we simply removed as they were
not convenient.

We shall therefore appoint a 'COMMISSION' to suck up all of the grant money
previously given to actual research.  This 'COMMISSION'  will be answerable
to noone.  But we politicians can rest easy, knowing that we can now blame
all future problems and stupid solutions on the 'COMMISSION'.

John Haydt
Philadelphia, PA

"Thank goodness we don't get all the government we pay for."  Will Rogers