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Re: Photons

Well the photons are not the same, they are always new photons for every
light :)

What I meant is that with the higher intensity of the VHO bulb there is a
greater number of photons avaible so that is say 50% of all photons are
absorber, scattered, or reflected by the time the substrate is reached,
the higher number of photons from the VHOs will provide more energy at the
substrate.  Of course the same thing may be said of the same wattage of
regualar tubes also.

However this brings up a good point which is:  TOA recommends using the
VHO and MH for deeper tanks, and I have seen this same recommendation
elsewhere as well.  Does this mean that somehow these devices are giving
off energy more capable of penetrating water and plant leaves, or is it
like my idea above and they simply give off so much more light that there
is more light at the substrate?

Thanks for keeping me straight Steve Dixon.
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