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Re: refs on metal chemistry

Luca Specchio wrote:

> >My reading leads me to think that plants must transport iron in a chelated
> >state.

> That's very interesting... do you have some books to suggest about it?
> Particularly about all the chemistry of metals intyo the water? I think all
> this matter is related to Hydroponic too.

I don't have a good reference for transport of metals in plants, so my
statement was pretty speculative.  My information on grasses emitting
chelating agents under iron stress was from on abstract somewhere on the

> I think it would be EXTREMELY interesting to understand what happen into
> the column water from the plant perspective.
> Particularly if there is any differential rate in the uptaking of FeEDTA
> compared with ferrous iron .

I think its pretty interesting.  A good fairly general (but very
technical) reference for metals is "Aqueous-environmental chemistry of
metals" by Alan Rubin from Ann Arbor Press.  Jerome Nriagu has authored
and edited several volumes on metals in the environment.  "Copper in the
Environment", Jerome Nriagu ed., from John Wiley and Sons is excellent.
There are several other volumes of "[name that metal] in the Environment"
from the same publisher.  I just found out that there are also
international symposia (-iums?) on "Environmental Biogeochemistry"  with
published papers, and once my assistant gets back from her adventure on
Mount Whitney maybe I'll send her to the library to dig them up.

Roger Miller