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Re:Salt Again

>>Jeff, why don't you set up a small test tank with just plants and
give it a
try? I know I will now.
I believe I will contact Seachem again though, and ask which plants
not do well based on their comment, "most plants". I'll keep you
Susan Romano<<

Thanks Susan. That is an interesting thought. I had a 10 gallon that I
had some native fry in it that started to leak yesterday. I moved fish
around real fast and once I get this leak fixed I will have a spare
tank to try this. I may try that if I can find the salt! (small town

BTW I forget who asked but I am trying to keep Brook Silversides. They
are a native fish to NA. They have a shape like a Barracuda, and very
silver as the name implies. They are very delicate and hard to get
home alive. They are a freshwater fish but a small amount of salt seem
to be a benefit for them according to what I was told. Since they are
a favorite snack to other fish they also like cover to hide in. Lowers
there stress level?

Jeff <*\\><
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