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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #386

Hello David,

The "drug store" concentration of 3% is the right point to start. At
this concentration H2O2 does not attack human skin, but is an effective
desinfectant. As you mention, it does not need to be scrupulously
removed before use. Drying the item will totally remove any H2O2 --
should you really want to.

The 35% H2O2 -- obtainable from chemical supply houses -- DOES BURN the
skin in about 5-10 seconds -- it's mighty potent. There is a 90% H2O2
available commercially, but .....


George S

> We commonly bleach items that we want to sterilize before using them in the
> tank.  After bleaching these items, they usually must be soaked in a strong
> solution of chlorine neutralizer before they're safe to use again.
> Hydrogen peroxide breaks down all by itself to water and oxygen, and breaks
> down much more readily than bleach.  I think I'll start experimenting with
> H2O2 for filamentous algae removal from plants and for sterilizing rocks,
> gravel, and equipment.
> I'm setting up a paludarium with my daughter right now, so I think I'll use
> peroxide to sterilize it.
> Does anyone have any idea how much peroxide to mix in with water to get the
> equivalent of a 20:1 water:bleach solution?
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> David W. Webb
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