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Re: Salt again

Mark Fisher wrote:
<Since brackish water is simply diluted seawater, my guess is this  product is
<merely sea salt, like marine aquarium keepers use.  I would also venture to
<guess it is more expensive ;-I'd pick up a bag of Instant
<Ocean and use that instead.

I contacted Seachem on this matter, hence the delayed post. I personally
trust this company as do I trust Kent Marine. Seachem's response was as
..."Live Bearer/Brackish Aquarium Salt is likewise a blend of salts designed to
emulate and satisfy the needs of diverse estuary type fishes. Unlike other
aquarium salts, it is not just rock salt or repackaged seawater mix. Some
key differences include a much greater proportion of magnesium and lower
levels of chloride (this factor makes it a great deal safer for freshwater
plants than other salts) as well as substantive proportions of some key
elements such as potassium, calcium, manganese, bromide, iodide. It
satisfies the needs of brackish fish  and is also useful as a general
aquarium salt. Used at the recommended dosages, it is safe for most plants."

Jeff, why don't you set up a small test tank with just plants and give it a
try? I know I will now.
I believe I will contact Seachem again though, and ask which plants might
not do well based on their comment, "most plants". I'll keep you posted.

Susan Romano