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H2O2 other uses

I've been following the H2O2 thread with some interest.  It seems to me
that using hydrogen peroxide in a tank with fish is perhaps dangerous at
best, but consider for a moment another use:

We commonly bleach items that we want to sterilize before using them in the
tank.  After bleaching these items, they usually must be soaked in a strong
solution of chlorine neutralizer before they're safe to use again.

Hydrogen peroxide breaks down all by itself to water and oxygen, and breaks
down much more readily than bleach.  I think I'll start experimenting with
H2O2 for filamentous algae removal from plants and for sterilizing rocks,
gravel, and equipment.

I'm setting up a paludarium with my daughter right now, so I think I'll use
peroxide to sterilize it.

Does anyone have any idea how much peroxide to mix in with water to get the
equivalent of a 20:1 water:bleach solution?

David W. Webb
Live-foods list administrator
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