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RE: Hydrogen Peroxide

Augie Eppler said:

>As I write this, I realize that I have no idea of the chemical processes
>taking place, which makes me an idiot for trying it in the first place.
>That said, I'll probably continue, and see what happens. I'll also
>continue to post updates, and keep everyone apprised of any long term
>affects. If any of you more adventuresome souls try it, I'd like to here
>about your results.

I used a bit of drugstore H202 at a dosage level reccommended on H2O2 ich
medicine at the fish store. I did not kill any of my fish, but I could tell
they were stressed out as several of them hovered at the depths of the tank
rather than cavorting around. This is the same behavior I observed once
when I did a water change and forgot to add the anti chloramine juice.

H202 is used to bleach hair. In breaking down, H2O2 releases an oxygen
atom. Aymospheric oxygen normally exists in it's O2 form which is not as
reactive as the O atom. H2O3 is unstable, that's why is kept in light proof
brown bottles. When it comes incontact with many organic materials an oxyen
atom is released. This atom wants to bind with something else real bad.
That material could be the pigment in your hair, in which case your hair
will be lighter, or it could be the gill tissue of your fish.

Ozone, which is O3, is a harmful poluntant. Ozone is also unstable and when
it decomposes to O2 and an oxygen ion, you have the same situation, a high
reactive oxygen ion wanting to oxidize somthing. Breathe it, and its going
to oxidize your lung tissue. Would you like that? Then, how do you think
your fish feel about having their gill tissue oxidized?


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