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Re: Hydrogen peroxide

<If any of you more adventuresome souls try it, I'd like to here about your
results. Augie Eppler

I was adventuresome six months ago and managed to kill all but seven of my
40+ cherry barbs. I don't quite remember now the precise amount of 35%
hydrogen peroxide I added to my 29 gal. tank, but I'm guessing it was about
a teaspoon.I used a proportionate amount in all my fry tanks. (Nature
kindly lets you forget truly tramatic events). BTW I was trying to remove
the slime that had formed from my DIY CO2 foaming back into my tanks. I
might have tried using less yeast, 1/2 tsp. instead of 1 tsp. and not be in
such a hurry to hook it up. Duh, now I know! The fry hung about at the top
of the tank for 20 min. or so while I frantically tried to perform massive
water changes on all my breeding tanks. In spite of my best efforts they
all succumbed rapidly. Then I saw most all of the adults die the same way.
I really felt like I was Hitler promoting the most genetically pure race or
something. Ignorance is really no excuse as these fish lost their lives so
that I might test out my hypothesis on an unscientific whim.
Don't get me wrong here, it fine to be inventive but lets save it for less
weighty matters than the lives of innocents. That stuff is DANGEROUS and I
personally will wait for the less chemically impaired to offer me advise on
quantities of potent chemicals in the future. All that said and done, I'm
glad that it worked for you but would not encourage others to play russian

Susan Romano