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Re: Hydrogen Peroxide

> From: "Joe Anderson" <wja70 at hotmail_com>
> Subject: RE: Hydrogen Peroxide
> Auggie,
> What kind of filtration did you use while dosing in this way?
> Sounds like a phenomenal technique.
> How quickly do you think the H.Perox. broke down in your tank?
> Joe

The tank has a Fluval 203 with sponge only. However, I do a 1/3 water
change the day after each treatment (sorry that I didn't state this in
the original post). I have no idea about the breakdown of the hydrogen
peroxide (I seem to remember reading that it breaks down within 10
hours), that's one of the reasons I prefaced the post, by stating it was
a simplistic view. I was hoping some of the less chemically impaired
people on the list would speak up over some of the hazards, dangers,
cautions, benefits, whatever. Again, the only algae that I have tried
this on is the blue/GREY fuzz (not the blue/GREEN slime), and hair. Both
the fish and plants seem to be doing fine, even the Micro Swords where
the H. Peroxide was injected directly, show no adverse affects.

As I write this, I realize that I have no idea of the chemical processes
taking place, which makes me an idiot for trying it in the first place.
That said, I'll probably continue, and see what happens. I'll also
continue to post updates, and keep everyone apprised of any long term
affects. If any of you more adventuresome souls try it, I'd like to here
about your results.

Augie Eppler
In rainy, wet, Green Cove Springs, Fl. Finally.