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New tank - physical problems

I've just acquired a new 125g tank and stand and have begun to fill it.
In the process I have noticed that there is a slight gap (the thickness
of a quarter) between the tank and the stand along most of the length of
the tank on both sides, and that the tank is only resting hard on the
stand at each end for perhaps three inches.  I have put some 1/4" heavy
rubber between the tank and the stand and the rubber is held tight along
each end.  But around 3" from each end and from then on to the center of
the tank the rubber moves very freely with this quarter size gap between
it and the tank.

Does anyone know if a 72"x18"x24" tank can be supported on its ends
only?  The shop I bought it from says that the weight of the water will
compress the ends of the stand and it will all level out, and that I
should not try to put anything in the gap under the tank.  I find this
argument somewhat doubtful.

My wife is not overjoyed at the thought of 125 gals of water on the
kitchen floor (part wood).

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Peter Elson