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Catching up

Subject: KH measurements

David Webb wrote:

> I submit that a
>conversion table indicating that 1 dH KH is approximately 17.9 or so ppm
>CO3-- equivalent in alkalinity and don't presume to tell people which they
>should use.

I think this is an EXCELLENT idea.  Anyone willing to do the math to
establish such a chart?

Subject: Soil Substrates

Neil Frank wrote:

>There is also nothing wrong with only using soil in pots or for that
>matter, only using pots in your aquarium to grow plants. I have several
>tanks whose bottom is completely covered with pots, and they are not
>covered over by gravel like (which is Dorothy Reimers method). These potted
>tanks are so densely planted that it takes people a few minutes to notice
>that the pots are even there. 

I agree with Niel, that soil in pots is one of the best ways to use soil in
aquariums.  If anyone doubts the aesthetics of plants in pots, see Neil's
tank in my Aquatic Horticulture column in the FEB 98 issue of Aquarium
Frontiers. (still available at the web site.  _Every_ plant in that tank is


Subject: Fish for planted tanks

Jim Wilson wrote:

>Does anyone have info they could share about 
>Coolie Loaches in a planted aquarium?

Coolie loaches work fine in a planted tank.  Yes, they burrow, but they're
small enough that they don't do any damage as long as the plants are
already well rooted when the fish are introduced.  They may actually be
beneficial to some extent by preventing the substrate from becoming compacted.

>My second question is what fish or types of fish (ie. Cryprinids, 
>Characins, Anabantoids etc....) are "good" for the planted aquarium?
>Has any one put a list together on a web site?  Is there much on this
>topic in the APD archives?  I didn't find much in the archives.
>The only fish that I have kept so far in the plant tanks are Otto's.

All of the above groups and more contain fish suitable for planted tanks.
Avoid fish that are large and boisterous, and those that are strongly
herbivorous and you'll do fine.


Subject: Selling Observations

Aquarium Man wrote:

>If anyone would be interested in obtaining a printed copy of my report (22
pages total), I merely ask for $10 to cover my expenses of printing,
mailing, and time. Please e-mail me if you would be interested in obtaining
my report.

Boy, if I asked for money for every time I had supplied anyone one with
information on my experiences with planted tanks over the years, I'd be
rich by now!

If you think you've got a saleable article, sell it to one of the
magazines. (you can probably pare it down a little from 22 pages too ;-)
If you really want to help your fellow hobbyists, don't charge them for it.
 E-mail is cheap.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association