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'Orrible algae

Hello All:

My  new plant tank has developed a bit of an algae problem.


Set up a tank about three and a half weeks ago. Soil substrate under 
filter sand. Tank burst on saturday 4th july. Had to move all the 
plants into a temporay holding tank which I'm using to keep the fish 
that will eventually go in this tank. Managed to reuse most of the 
substrate in the new tank.

Algae is like vey fine hair, green, and about 1cm long max on plants, 
1mm on glass.

I've ordered a pair of black sailfin mollies as a first step, plus 
I'll be futting in some snails (red ramshorns & Malaysians) Tank gets 
about 3.6 watts per gallon, and is heavily planted. Tank is 
fertilised according to Steve Pushak's method. 

Right: Now what? Should I just leave it to sort itself out, ie its 
part of the tank's natural cycling, or deal with it in some other 
way? Bleaching is out of the question. Can't get things like shrimps 
or Siamese Algae Eaters.


Jacques Gerber
Botany Department
Rhodes University
South Africa

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