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Coolie Loaches and other plant-tank-safe-fish

Does anyone have info they could share about 
Coolie Loaches in a planted aquarium?

I have been running three 10 gallon experimental,
heavily planted aquariums to see what works, for me.
Thanks to all of the great info that I have gathered
lurking on this list, it's time (well not till October, 
when I get back from my summer trip) to take the plunge 
and convert one of my 55 gallon tanks in to a planted tank.  
And having three 10 gallon tanks full of plants I have more than 
enough plants for my initial stock.

My second question is what fish or types of fish (ie. Cryprinids, 
Characins, Anabantoids etc....) are "good" for the planted aquarium?
Has any one put a list together on a web site?  Is there much on this
topic in the APD archives?  I didn't find much in the archives.
The only fish that I have kept so far in the plant tanks are Otto's.