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FAQ on test kit conversions

> From: "David W. Webb" <dwebb at ti_com>
> Ah!  I should've kept reading before responding.  I submit that a
> conversion table indicating that 1 dH KH is approximately 17.9 or so ppm
> CO3-- equivalent in alkalinity and don't presume to tell people which they
> should use.

I quote, from the "Conversions" FAQ

Chemical Concentrations
   1 degree hardness (GH) = 17.8 ppm CaCO3
   1 degree "carbonate hardness*" (KH) = 17.8 ppm CaCO3
   1 meq/L alkalinity = 2.8 degrees KH
   1 ppm = 1 mg/L
   Nitrate-NO3 = 4.4 * Nitrate-N   Nitrite-NO2 = 3.3 * Nitrite-N
   Ammonia-NH3 = 1.1 * Ammonia-N   

   * Note that the term ``carbonate hardness'' is bit of a misnomer, and
   most amateur chemists would prefer we use the more appropriate term
   ``Alkalinity''. See the BEGINNER CHEMISTRY section for more details.   

I suppose I could also put a paragraph addressing this in the plant Q&A
section when the smoke clears on this discussion, IF it can be done in a
simple and understandable way.

  - Erik (Mr. FAQ), 
  who just found out this week that you guys download 600,000 pages, 
  or 5 gigabytes a month off the Caltech site.  Yipe!

Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq.com