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Mg++ and Ca++ in ppm

(Paul Sears)

>> The issue is NOT:
>> "are we analytically-enlightened individuals able to apply conversion
>> factors?" 
>	If you want Mg++ and Ca++ in ppm, you will have to do _some_
>calculations after using your test kits. 

There can and should be information about these calculations in the
instructions for the test kit. Just like the Ca specific test kits says:
multiple DH by 17.9 to get calcium hardness in ppm (or visa versa), they
can say multiple by 7.2 to get Ca++ in ppm. Similarly, mult. by 4.3 for Mg
(this only applies to a Ca and Mg specific tests)

Or for the more sophisticated test kits that already present their results
in ppm hardness, they can and should say: multiple ppm hardness by 0.40 and
0.24 to get Ca++ and Mg++ respectively. [I am merely summarizing what
PaulS. and GeorgeS. have already said, for practice. They do a nice job of
correcting me when I screw up <g>] 

Nfrank, AGA