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Re: wanted: new Mg/Ca titration kits

Hello Steve,

You are right that for simplicity in analysis one needs specific tests
for calcium and magnesium.

ONE place where one can get them is 


There are other places and other Ca & Mg kits available, but right now I
can not find their URLs.

When buing a analytical kit it is important to find out whether the
detection limit and the range of the kit correspond to your needs. There
is nothing more frustrating as being "out of range", particularly if the
test is NOT sensitive enough!


George S


> What I was really wishing for was new test kits where the 					> multiplication was not required and the results were much simpler 			> for the user to get directly. Presently there are two 						> multiplications and one subtration involved. I know there is a 				> method to perform a Ca titration. Is it also possible to do an Mg 			> titration directly without needing to subtract the Ca value?
> Steve Pushak