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wanted: new Mg/Ca titration kits

Paul Sears wrote:
> > "are we analytically-enlightened individuals able to apply conversion
> > factors?" 
>         If you want Mg++ and Ca++ in ppm, you will have to do _some_
> calculations after using your test kits.  

Yes, I thought about what I wrote later and realized I hadn't quite made
the point I intended. Yes, if you use currently available test
procedures, two titrations, a multiplication and a subtraction must be
applied to arrive at the concentrations of Ca and Mg even if the kits
are so calibrated as to give results of one of the components in the
desired units.

What I was really wishing for was new test kits where the multiplication
was not required and the results were much simpler for the user to get
directly. Presently there are two multiplications and one subtration
involved. I know there is a method to perform a Ca titration. Is it also
possible to do an Mg titration directly without needing to subtract the
Ca value?

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