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New Homes Wanted

To any list members in the South East Michigan area:

I am relocating from Ann Arbor, MI to New Jersey in August, and am 
planning to dismantle my 29 gallon planted tank.  Its inhabitants will 
need new homes, and in the interests of the continued health of my 
plants, I would prefer to pass them on to an interested caregiver.  If 
anyone is interested in any of the following livestock, please e-mail me 
privately and we can arrange a pickup or delivery.  You are welcome to 
come to my house to look at the tank before you take anything.

I have:

  A forest of Java Fern
  2 A. Nana (the smaller variant, approx. 3")
  1 A. Afzelli(?) (at least that's what the fish store label said - it's 
a very tall anubias with 3" leaves on roughly 10" stems)
  1 E. Rubra ("red rubin sword") with three flower stalks and lots of new 
plantlets, approx 16" tall.
  1 E. sp "black melon sword", approx. 4"
  Crypt. Balansae that has spread over much of the tank, some plants are 
over 6" tall
  some Crypt. wendtii that is not doing quite as well as the balansae
  Ludwigia repens (I think), about a dozen stems, 14" to 20" or longer
  and maybe some others that I'm forgetting about.


  6 neon tetras
  1 "harlequin" rasbora
  1 pristella tetra
  2 SAE's, young, about 2.5"
  2 or 3 otocinclus cats (you never quite know how many are hiding)
  1 American Flag Fish

Hope to hear from some of you soon - I'll need to completely tear down 
this tank by the end of July, so time is limited...