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Re:Hydrogen Peroxide as an oxygenator

While I agree with Dionigi's observations that there may be a fluke or
other parasite at fault, I think there may be a simpler explanation of
the discus' death.  
    The fish were placed into a tank and then eroxide was added.  This
would serve to oxidize almost anything in the tank (including the fish's
scales as I mentioned when I originally posted about the BGA).  This
would also result in the desired increase in oxygen levels. 
Unfortunately there was a finite amount of peroxide added and, once this
was used up, the oxygen level in the tank would drop quickly.  Now, I
can only speak for the discus that I have, but they don't like rapid
changes in anything and that might have been enough to kill them.

Mark Storch 
mscc at andrew_cmu.edu