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pollen glass

I use a 20# bottle and a regulator and ARO needle valve.  My defuser is
similar to the pollen glass, except it was cheaper.  I don't know it's
controling the amount of desolved CO2 or not.  My thinking was that the
needle valve supplies a certian amount of presure of CO2, and the cermaic
disk on top of the glass needs a certian pressure of CO2 to be released,
(I've tried to blow into it, there's backpressure like a air stone).  So
if there's less a concertation of CO2 in the tank than in the glass, it's
easier for the CO2 to go in the tank, therefor more bubbles per second.  I
might have totaly lost you by now, but simply, when the lights are on
during the afternoon and evening, I get about 1 bubble a second.  Late at
night and in the earily morning the bubbles come at about 1 bubble every 3
seconds.  And yes the bubble rate is constant a while after the lights are
on.  I still see some bubbles at the surface the water, the bubbles are
tiny.  The pollon glass in my tank is located near the bottom and the tank
is about 30" tall.

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