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re: chelators

At 11.28 08/07/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Luca,
Hi Victor

Thanks very much for the info! :-)
I know Hach, it's very well known even here in Italy but Frankly I have
already 3 tests of iron and I don't wanna go for another one, I spent
already too much money for test kits.

I contacted Merck (http://www.merck.de) and Hanna
(http://www.hannainst.com) . The 1st one is german and as matter of fact is
the company makes tests for Dupla, the 2nd one should be very wel known by
canadians too.
Infact the problem arises when I had completely different readings between
Merck and LAMotte kits, with the Merck one that was A LOT lower than
LaMotte. Pratically Merck has the same reading of Dupla test. So some days
ago I ordered a new iron test kit which is from Hanna and I'll keep
informed the AP list on the result.

Luca Specchio
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