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Chelators - part II

Hi Group,

I made a test as I was not sure about what I was told by LaMotte guys. I
made a test on a sample of my tank waterand I measured iron with SC3648 in
my tank and as result the concentration was Fe = 0.08ppm . Then I added 2ml
of Na2EDTA solution 0.01M in the tank (the total capacity of my tank is 28L
net, so the EDTA salt has been very much diluted). After a couple of hours
I measured the iron concentration again and result was really a surprised:
Fe =0.23ppm !!!

I don't know any explanation to this but my idea is that EDTA at this SO
LOW concentration is MUCH MORE unstable that at normal concentration and so
after binding some ferric and ferrous ions , it has been "read" by the test
as well.

If anyone else has a more scintific explanation is welcome ! :))

Luca Specchio
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