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Chelators and their functions

Dear group,

Just more Q on chelatiors and their real functioning for plants nutrient

1) The FeEDTA or any other chelated micronutrients (such as Zn, Cu, Mn
etc.) can be adsorbed by plants withOUT waiting that link between EDTA and
Fe is broken? I suppose they can.

2) But I also know that with concentration of oxygen greater than 1ppm all
the iron in water is in its ferric form, that should not be very easily
uptaken by plants.

so if they can't uptake nor the chelated iron neither the ferric one, for
which iron concentration should we go for? and of what... chelated, ferrous
or ferric?

This last point - I think - it's particularly important because if we
consider PO4-- as the limiting nutrient in water column we should be sure
that there is enough iron to guarante that all the phosphates available are
taken quickly by plants.

Thanks very much for your help.

Luca Specchio

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