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Re: Salt

     >>I am trying to keep some particularly delicate native fish. I have
     >>found that I need to add a bit of salt to the water to help with 
     >>some problems. If I remember right I read that most plants can't 
     >>tolerate salt even in low concentrations?
     >Seachem has a product called Live Bearer/Brackish Aquarium Salt. They 
     >say it "is not just another rock salt or sodium chloride. It is a 
     >blend of the major ions found in estuary waters and is ideal for live 
     >bearers and brackish fish as well as ideal for use as routine 
     >aquarium salt. Since it contains much less chloride than regular 
     >aquarium salt, it can be used in planted aquaria as directed without 
     >adverse effects on most plants."  I have not used it yet but I'm 
     >considering it for my son's platy tank to be.  If anyone has tried it 
     >I'd be interested to hear from them. Hopefully this helps.
     Since brackish water is simply diluted seawater, my guess is this 
     product is merely sea salt, like marine aquarium keepers use.  I would 
     also venture to guess it is more expensive ;-).  I'd pick up a bag of 
     Instant Ocean and use that instead.
     Sea salt is composed of 84% NaCl (by weight), so you aren't really 
     getting that much less NaCl.  I heartily agree it is superior to rock 
     salt, though, as it has Ca, Mg, K and many other useful ions.
     I am curious what native fish Kudzu is trying to keep.  If they are 
     brackish, why not set up a brackish aquarium and plant Caulerpa?  They 
     can tolerate salinities as "low" as 10% sea water.  The fish will do 
     well there also, up to full strength sea water.