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Fe test observations

Hello all, 
  I noticed an interesting occurrence the other night.  Recently I have
noticed a slight increase in my filament algae in my 1 yr old tank and that
prompted me to take a Fe measurement.  I use a red sea(Damn, I think) test
kin and it takes 15 minutes to develop full color.  While I waited for the
color to develop I did some filter maintenance I placed the vile between 2
light flor tubes in my up turned hood.  This was a safe place where it was
unlikely to be knocked over.  I left it there for about 10 minutes and then
noticed it had a significant color change!  I mean it registered .5ppm!  I
was amazed, I have never seen the vile that color before:)  Now of course I
do not really trust the result and set off for a little double checking.
First a tap water test, it reads zero like it always has.  The a retest of
the tank.  This time I leave the vile on the kitchen counter for 15 min and
there is almost no color change(normal), Hummmmmf.  Now I take that 15 min
old test and put it back between the lights and Boom it starts darkening
after a few 5-10 more minutes.  Hummmmmmm  I will run more little tests on
this, but it was bed time last night and I did do everything I wanted to:)

So I was wondering if the heat and intense light broke the chelate bond and
allowed the test to register?  If so, man I have been running a HIGH iron
level for a long time:)  any thoughts?