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Another CO2 "reactor" idea

I have been using a new technique for my CO2 injection for
a couple of months now, and I am very pleased with the
results.  I have a 70g ex. high (30" deep) glass tank, which
has a glass crosspiece on the top.  Just below the surface
is the spray bar from the canister filter.

My new method is to overfill the tank so that the water is
just touching the underside of the glass crosspiece, and
inject the CO2 directly into the spray bar.  From there, it
is ejected as tiny bubbles that are trapped against the
glass.  The considerable water movement caused by the spray
bar dissolves the bubbles rapidly.  I have not made a lot
of precise measurements, but my pH is lower and my plants
are growing better than with a bell-style reactor.

The disadvantages are that the underside of this glass now
needs to be cleaned regularly, as it is an ideal spot for
green algae, and that there is a little noise that is
produced every time a bubble goes through the bar.  Also,
my dwarf african frogs occasionally go bouncing around on
the glass before they find the edge to take a breath.  But
I don't think they are in any real danger and it is kind of
cute in a way.

David Ozenne
Berkeley, CA