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Alls well that ends well

Two months ago I expressed my exasperation at having received a special
order of worm and snail infested plants, but now after using "Clout"(it
worked!)and providing a proper setting based on the accumulated wisdom of
this group I have a gorgeous tank and can start to furnish two more with
the surplus. I wish to thank all those who offered their help and support
through what could have been the end of years of study and experimentation.
I had the knowhow but it seemed as if I'd hit a brick wall at the time. As
someone else here said, it really is very easy once you know how. So to
anyone else out there who is thinking of giving up, don't! We're all here
to help you. I have another question as to the suitibility of praecox
rainbows in planted tanks. Some folks say they nibble on plants and others
say there is no problem. Any other thoughts on this?
Semper ad plantius heavenus!
Susan Romano