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Re: CAUTION: Hydrogen Peroxide as an oxygenator.

At 3:48 -0400 7/7/98, "Brent Harsh" <cnc291 at nortel_ca> wrote:

>I woke up this morning to find them stuck to the filter, dead as
>dinner plates.  Half the slime coat had been eaten away, gills
>were a terrible scarlet.  I really burned them in that high
>concentration- this was just terrible to see.  So now, after the
>fact, I searched for the article
>I remembered: the guy used 4 oz in a **55** gallon tank, and strongly
>cautioned that this might be too much.  And he did it to try to
>get rid of BGA, not oxygenate the water.

One of the local fish stores was selling Hydrogen Peroxide as a medicine to
combat ich. It's the same concentrations as what you get from the
drugstore. I used it a couple of times, but noticed that even at the
reccomended concentration, my fish were looking really stressed out. Rather
than swim happily in the tank, the fish would hover near the bottom.
Hydrogen Peroxide has no business in a tank with fish in it.